Server Information

Holy Ran Classic EP 7
*Free 150 EP and 100 VP for newly created character

*Invite Event - 1 Invite = to 100 EP plus FREE Exclusive Items for 30 Days

+10 Exorcist Weapon (For 1 Invite)
+10 Exorcist Accessories (For 3 Invites)
+10 Exorcist Set (For 3 Invites)

*Guild Package
For 5 Players and up
Free Exclusive Items for 30 Days (Exorcist Set, Weapon and Accessories to all Guild Member)
Free Exclusive EP Items (worth 1,500) to choose from - not included free 150 EP reward.
- Server features -
Low Rate Server
x10 Exp
x5 Money
X5 Drop
4 Classic
Max Level Cap: 210
Skill Up To : 167
Max Upgrade +10
Quest Based System
Boss Hunt Based
Pots and low rate re gen based
Party Leveling System
Crafting Items (Costume)
Huntable Items (Weapons, Armors and
- Server freebies -
+10 Cap Reward Set
Novice Kit Box
Free +9 Weapon
Free +9 Armors
Hover Board
and many more...
- Server Wars info -
ClubWars (Mon,Wed,Fri,Sat time: 8:30 to 9:00PM)
Tyranny Wars (In game time)
School Wars (In game time)
Superior Wars (In game time)